Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Calendar Baby

In the coming Discover Dolls Magazine we will be featuring a 2011 calendar in the middle pages of the magazine due out in December 2010.

We are looking for beautiful pictures of doll art to showcase as part of the calendar and your baby could be one of those!

Entries need to be high quality (300dpi) unedited digital images. Email your submissions to


Please remember to include your name and your nursery name with your submitted photograph so that we can give an appropriate credit in the magazine.

Entries need to be received by 15th November 2010 at the very latest, entries received after this date will not be considered for inclusion in the calendar.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

August 2010 Competition

The entries for the next cover competition have been received.  To take part and vote for your 3 favourite pictures,  send an email titled "Comp Vote" to votes@hellodollymagazine.co.uk

The Theme for this cover is Yummy Yellow... we wanted to see gorgeous little babies dressed in yellow.

The pictures are all below. 
 One of these photos will grace the next issue of Hello Dolly Magazine.  

The winner will be announced 31st July 2010

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Exciting News

As you probably know we've been struggling to keep Hello Dolly Magazine in print, it has become obvious now that we cannot keep going, it's a rough old world out there at the moment, advertising revenue is hard to come by and whilst we are very fortunate to have a loyal readership, there aren't enough people buying the magazine to cover the print costs.... jolly expensive business doncha know! 

The exciting part of this situation is the future of the magazine, we have decided to make the magazine an online version.  We have prepared a test version for readers to have a look at and you can access that by clicking HERE.

We feel that there is a lot of scope for some very exciting developments with an online version of the magazine, not only can we make advertisements and banners clickable, directing the reader to the relevant website.  We can turn adverts into mini catalogues, so that the reader can immediately purchase an item they see in an advert!

Also we can imbed videos and slideshows turning our show reports into much more interactive experiences for the reader.  With time we believe we can make quizes more interactive and allow for immediate entry into competitions as well.

We would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

June 2010 Issue Released

The latest issue of Hello Dolly Magazine is now available to purchase, the cover features our competition winner Shirley Atkins of Sugar Plum Nursery

Shirley's work will be featured in the next issue of the magazine.

In this current issue we have the first part of a comprehensive AA skin painting tutorial and the winner of the February Issue's Interview.

Amber Basurto shares her wonderful reborn collection and Angela Anderson tells us all about her sculpting artwork.

Get your copy today!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

June/July 2010 Cover Competition Entries

There is only a couple of days left to vote for the next Cover Competition.  To take part and vote for your 3 favourite pictures,  send an email titled "Comp Vote" to votes@hellodollymagazine.co.uk

Choose your favourite 3 pictures and send the entry numbers in an email to votes@hellodollymagazine.co.uk

Votes will be counted and the winner announced on Saturday 29th May 2010!

Friday, 30 April 2010

June/July Cover Competition

We are now accepting entries for the next Hello Dolly Cover Competition.

The Closing date for the competition is 21st May 2010

The theme of this competition is "Mummy and Me" we wanted to give a theme that would challenge both artists imagination as well as your photographic skills.

Now whilst we are not saying you should copy the following pictures, we thought we would give you some ideas and some examples of what you could do.

Artists do not have to show their faces in the pictures, how you interpret the theme of "Mummy and Me" is entirely up to you but the idea is to demonstrate the bond between mother and child, the love between mother and child.

As usual your photos must be unedited with no additional graphics added to the photo, you may of course crop your picture to the size you wish but remember we need high resolution photographs to make a good cover image. Email your image to Lisa@hellodollymagazine.co.uk titling your email "June Cover Competition Entry" .

As this may be the last cover of Hello Dolly it would be lovely to see a bumper crop of entries.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bethan Rose- Prototype No. 1

Three of the Bethan Rose prototypes were displayed at the Brighton Doll Festival recently and are now coming up for sale via Ebay. Currently Prototype No.1 is on ebay beautifully reborn by Cassie Peek of Baby Dust Nursery.

Cassie's skill has brought Bethan Rose to life and given her a bright cheerful personality, Bethan Rose's endearing qualities have really been highlighted by Cassie's paintwork and beautiful photography skills.

Cassie's amazing rooting skills are demonstrated in the directionally micro rooted hair on Bethan Rose.

The Bethan Rose Kit is available to purchase from Gloriarty.